Smart Business Cards

Get the only business card you'll ever need!


Tatty business cards clogging your wallet or purse?

Stacks of cards lying in a drawer, but you never have a business card on you when you need it?


Introducing the MeCard.

The smart business card for people serious about making a good first impression.

The MeCard




How to get your MeCard

  1. Click the green buy button to go to the website
  2. Create your free account, and add as many profiles and companies as you like for free.
  3. Click “Add cards” to purchase cards for your account. The cards will appear in the management console
  4. Upload your designs and link your cards to the profiles you created
  5. Your cards will be shipped within 72 hours

What you’ll get

  • An NFC Smart Business Card beautifully printed with your custom design
  • Your online profile for life
    • Your contact details
    • Company details
    • Social Media
  • VCard download to your recipient’s contact app
  • QR Code link to your profile for older phones that don’t have NFC
  • New features continually being developed

More About Smart Business Cards

NFC business cards are made of a durable PVC, like a credit card or loyalty card, but contain a memory chip that can be read by most current smartphones today. Tapping a phone on the smart business card will fetch the card owner’s name, email address, work details, telephone numbers, websites and more info and store it as a contact on the recipient’s mobile phone.

A smart business card can also have a complementary QR code, which the user can scan to get contact details if their phone is not NFC enabled.

The MeCard smart business card fetches your contact data stored in the cloud, meaning your contact details will always be up to date.

Smart NFC


  • Contactless NFC – share contact details with a single tap
  • QR code on the reverse side for phones that are not NFC-enabled
  • Cloud-based – your contact details always up to date



  • Submit your own design
  • Beautifully printed PVC card
  • Double-sided printing
  • Dye sublimation printing with clear overlay
  • Credit card-sized – fits snugly in your wallet or purse

Always current


  • Your contact details stored in the cloud
  • Update your details at any time, anywhere
  • Control what details are shared