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NFC technology is growing. In fact you probably already use it. You tap your credit card to pay for your coffee. You tap a sensor to open a gate or turnstile. You tap your phone on your friend's phone to share data. That's all made possible by NFC, but it's just the beginning...
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NFC Tags

Shop our selection of NFC stickers, NFC tags, NFC cards and NFC nails. Small packages available, get a quote for large volume discounts.

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Tag Encoding

We’ll encode your tags with your product website addresses, links to videos, contact details vcards, wifi connection instructions, or your own custom requirements.

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QR Code Printing

The clunky cousin to NFC, QR codes can be printed on the NFC tags as a fall-back for phones that don’t yet have NFC capability.

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About NFC

Simple solutions for the Internet of Things
Any object can become “smart” by attaching an NFC tag to it

Imagine you're shopping for new sound in the mall and tap on a good looking system to view its specs and customer reviews on the supplier's website. Tap it again to hear how it plays your favourite tunes from your phone.

You don't want to lug it around so you place your order online right there and go off for a bite to eat - and tap to pay the bill. Your system arrives the next day - tap the box to register and activate your warranty. Tap it again to launch video instructions on your phone.

NFC makes this all possible through inexpensive programmable and printable NFC tags that can be read by more and more smartphones today. In fact its predicted that, by 2019, 80% of smartphones will be NFC enabled. Through the fun and frictionless action of tapping on NFC tags retailers and brands can create engaging customer experiences using something everyone has, the smartphone.

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